More than 10 years of experience.
in boat management and rental.

At Jimibizaboats, we are owners, but we are also experts in boat management in Ibiza since 2010. If you own a boat and are considering the possibility of renting it and enjoying it with the lowest possible cost or even generating income, we can help you by studying and adapting a plan to your needs.

As residents and natives of Ibiza, we know the market well and have an extensive network of contacts that allows us to maximize rental days and oversee the boats during the winter.


We carry out various marketing actions to give greater visibility and dissemination to your boat, promoting it both online and through our network of clients and collaborators to ensure a successful season and a higher number of rental days. Furthermore, we are proud to say that we are one of the highest-rated companies on the internet by our clients. This reputation has been built thanks to our focus on providing excellent, personalized, professional management services and Boat rental, as well as other additional services such as Villa rental and Car rental in Ibiza.
Additionally, our good online presence allows us to reach a broader audience and provide greater exposure to the boats we manage.
Thus, more easily achieving the goal that we have previously studied with the boat owners.